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Dan's Electric Services

Residential and Commercial Electrician in Bakersfield, California

As your local electrician, Dan's Electric is happy to provide your home or business with our outstanding customer service and one of a kind workmanship. With our years of experience we are happy to provide you with our array of materials and products.

Established in 1988 we have over 25 years of experience as residential and commercial electricians. We take pride in offering each of our clients with courteous and reliable work that will ensure quality results. Our team is certified and licensed to perform all electrical repairs to meet your needs.

Do you own your own home and are considering updating it with more modernized fixtures and attributes? Dan's Electric is your local electrician to call when you seek a fast and affordable company to replace and install new lighting in your home.

We provide your existing home with repair on electrical panel box and outlets. If you come across a problem with your electric panel you should seek professional help right away. Fixing these issues soon after they surface can prevent extensive damage like burnout on pricey electronics and meter sockets.

Preventing these issues early enough can also prevents your home from having an electrical fire. Electrical fires can cause you a whole new set of problems with more extreme, structural repairs.

If you are a business owner and seek a company who is licensed and insured for your protection you’ve come to the right place. As a running business you more than likely thrive in day to day life with electricity. At Dan's Electric we aim to provide you with honest and reliable electrical repairs to get you back up and running.

We aim to help service clients who are facing issues with their electric panels, outlets, switches, breakers and experiencing shorts. With our flexible schedule and affordable prices we put up a good competition for our local competitors.

When you are ready to rewire your home, install new fixtures or replace your breaker call Dan's Electric. Call us now to learn more about our electrical services; we ensure to provide you with quality service and exceeding customer service.

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